Columbia Elementary Physical Education

Welcome Back!!! We are so excited to start a new school year and look forward to involving each and every child in physical fitness, teamwork, and sports skills. We would like to make sure everyone is safe and understands the Physical Education expectations.

GRADES: Students will be graded on their effort and participation in class, not their skill level.

Every child starts each grading period with 100 points.

  • Three points are deducted each time a child chooses not to participate, or is not following the P.E. expectations below.

Grading Scale 2nd-5th

100 points = Outstanding

99-91 points = Satisfactory

90-82 points = Needs Improvement

81 points and below = Unsatisfactory

Grading Scale K- 1st

100-90 points = Satisfactory

89-80 points = Working on Skills

79-70 points = Needs Improvement

69 points and below = Unsatisfactory


  •  Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Stay in assigned area
  • Be kind and caring to others
  • Take care of the equipment
  • Follow instructions


Safe shoes should be worn to P.E. class. All shoes should have a back on PE days. The following shoes are not acceptable per OCPS Code of Conduct pg. 26: cleated shoes or shoes with wheels.

Sick Notes:

If a child cannot participate due to injury or illness, please write a note for the child to be excused (short term) from participating. After four missed classes a doctor’s note is required.


Mr. Edwards & Mrs. MacLellan

Any questions or concerns please contact us (407) 586-2921 ext. 2228; [email protected] or [email protected]

PE Forms

PE Participation Form (English)

PE Participation Form (Spanish)